Weekend Photos: Day and Night

Inside MUNI
Photo by FlickringAbility

We spend a good portion of every day (and night) getting from point A to point B on the bus, and it’s time to gab all about it…in person! Next Friday is our fourth Muni Diaries Live at the Make-Out Room. We have an exciting new addition to our lineup: Andrew Lam, NPR commentator, the author of East Eats West, and two-time winner of Literary Death Match. We’ve also got a surprise guest: an ex-Muni insider. You’ll have to come and find out who it is. So permanent marker this in your calendars for next Friday — we want to see your happy faces.

This week, Muni was disrupted by a signal problem at the Embarcadero station, a fire on Hyde street, gas leak at the Castro station, and a police car crash (into a utility pole).

In other Muni news:

I unearthed some terrific photos from our Flickr pool last night, from Christina’s morning shot inside an N to FlickringAbility’s gorgeous foggy night photo of two Muni operators. Enjoy these photos, and have a great weekend!

Morning view from the N
Photo by Christina

happiest black hole
Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

MUNI 1015
Photo by carwashguy_99

zero emissions vehicle
Photo by Bhautik Joshi

Conversation between MUNI employees
Photo by FlickringAbility

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