Rocking Muni for the Giants

Video by Amber Wolf of Wiz Bang Photography

You might’ve heard that a local baseball team did the biggest thing U.S. baseball teams can do last night. That’s right, the 2010 San Francisco Giants won the fucking World Series, y’all! And Muni was right in the thick of the wild celebration.

Watch the 33-Stanyan wade through the thicket of toilet paper and Giants fans in the Castro in the video above.

Fans in the Marina atop a 30-Stockton (photo by @jcsnotes):

More fans in the Marina took over the 2-Clement (photo by SHUN [iamtekn]:
San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Champions

San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Champions

I got a couple of pictures of guys hopping on top of a soon-to-be-stranded 14-Mission, on Mission Street, in (you guessed it) the Mission:

Amy grabbed this short video of that same 14-Mission:

Ariel has a shot of the 22-Fillmore stuck in the Mission:
Operator On Hold

Giants fans on Muni were burning up Twitter last night too:

“Some guy stepping off the L announced GIANTS 3-0!! Driver repeated it over the PA. No reaction from riders. Me: Really? Giants!” @wallbounce

“people are sitting on 30s here on Chestnut. First Clipper now this. Anarchy!! Let’s go Giants clap x5” @jcsnotes

“28 driver now leading @SFGiants cheer.” @dalbizo

“I’ve never experienced anything like last night in SF after the win… I just remember running through cloudy MUNI buses #SFGiants@cementone

Indeed. Indeed.

Congrats to the 2010 San Francisco Giants!


  • JC

    By the way, if you look at the 2-Clement shot, notice KTVU’s John Sasaki in the background standing on his camera truck wearing a Giants jersey customized with “SASAKI” on the back (by the way, a point deduction to John for not remembering that the Giants home uniforms don’t have player names on the back just numbers. He should have gone with the road gray). Being in the ‘hood before all of this happened (and it was pretty mellow all things considered), no one was really congregating in any one place until John S. and the KTVU camera truck showed up and started shooting one of the bar windows. After those shots were broadcast, people started showing up in droves. That said, Chestnut was probably an inevitable site of some sort of party.

  • Nono

    It’s a minor miracle that no one was electrocuted.

  • Fred

    Utmost stupidity to climb on the roof of a electrically driven trolleybus. Those people should have been arrested for their own safety.

  • Mei

    Please post more pix of the 14 Mission bus, there were two stranded buses and there were a lot more people on them than these photos show!

    • Hi Mei,

      We posted some photos we got from readers, and some I took myself from Monday night. I haven’t seen too many others. If you have some, or someone you know has some, send them to us and we’ll post them here.



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