Vote today: Muni on the ballot (update)

Photo by Justin Beck

Update (7:30 a.m. on Wednesday): Proposition G has passed 64-36. SF Appeal has results.

Original post: It’s election day, and since we have your attention and know you care deeply about Muni, you surely know by now that there’s a ballot measure this year to amend the city charter and change the way Muni operators are paid. Read more about Proposition G.

Muni Diaries was host to a lively debate over the merits of Prop. G in early October.

For more on the measure, check out Ocean Beach Bulletin’s coverage of the two sides of Proposition G: pro and con. Greg at N-Judah Chronicles has a Muni Rider Voter Guide.

If you live in District 10, check out some of your candidates talk about the proposition:

  • District 10 Supervisor candidate Eric Smith talks about fixing Muni.
  • District 10 Supervisor candidate Kristine Enea does the same.

Now, do your civic duty. Go vote!

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