Just added: Food Carts at Wednesday Happy Hour with Muni Diaries

Pork Skewer from Sataysfied at Precita Park
Photo by Gary Soup

Look, it’s happiness on a bamboo skewer! And we get to chow down on this tomorrow!

We thought tomorrow’s Muni Diaries Happy Hour at SOMArts was already pretty awesome, what with the Muni shelter under which you’ll have several ways to record your Muni memories and memorabilia, the ample space of SOMArts that’s currently filled with Julie Michelle’s amazing i live here:SF photos and stories, and beer and wine provided by the gallery for low, low prices. But it gets better.

That’s because we’ve secured three great San Francisco food carts that will bless us with their delicious wares tomorrow. Sataysfied, Casey’s Pizza, and Nosh This will be on hand to help sop up the booze you drink as you loosen up to tell Muni stories. Or, you know, just to feed you dinner.

Happy Hours with Muni Diaries and I Live Here:SF
Wednesday, Nov. 17, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
SOMArts: 934 Brannan Street (cross street is 8th Street)
Take Muni there: 12, 19, 27, 47.

Bring your neighbors! Bring your friends! Bring that old guy you see around the hood who told you about riding Muni back in th 1960s!


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