Holiday Photos: On the night train

Market Street's vehicles and wires converge on the Ferry Terminal
Photo by FlickeringAbility

Yeah, we found it hard to work this week, too. But here’s a good Thanksgiving appetizer for you: Check out the Muni Diaries Etsy store beginning at midnight Friday (the minute after 11:59 p.m. Thursday, FYI) for a very special deal we’ve set up for you: We’ll be selling our Fast Past shirts at a 20 percent discount through this weekend!

Meanwhile, it’s been a slow half-week in the world of Muni news:

  • S.F. solves funding quandary for Central Subway (SFGate)
  • But! Subway funding plan not firm (says the hella slow-loading, new-look SF Examiner site)

By the time this post goes live, many of you will be well on your way to wherever you’re going. We wish you well, and hope to see you back next week, if not sooner. Stay safe, unfrozen, happy, and humble. And enjoy these rad photos.

Calling like a fading memory
Photo by Brandon Doran

F Market
Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

Photo by angryf

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