First Day in SF

Photo by Tenderblog

Visitors at the I Live Here:SF exhibit at SOMArts have been posting their own Muni stories on the Muni shelter. Here are a few:

“On my first week in San Francisco, I took the Muni F line from downtown Market Street toward the Castro. I was inside the Italian car — the one that’s made completely out of wood. There was no sitting space so I stood in the back by the “bay window,” and damn, everything was so beautiful and people were smiling. I thought that I had just moved to heaven.

p.s. I don’t believe in any dieties.”

– Haiete

We also have cartoons that you can caption (see above) from Michael Capozzola, who draws “Surveillance Caricatures” in the San Francisco Chronicle’s 96 Hours section. Another story:

“I was sitting on line 9 next to this handsome young man. For the next 15 minutes I was trying to make a compliment of his style. However, we didn’t make any eye contact. In the last minute before I get off the bus, I typed [on my phone], “You’re very good looking. Have a nice day!” with a friendly smile I show my message in front of his face and got off the bus. My heart was singing. How difficult to compliment someone!”

– June.

Tuesday, Nov. 30, is the only day left to see the exhibit, with Julie Michelle’s photos, art by Chris Rusak, and last year’s Lost Landscapes from Rick Prelinger. Closing reception is from 5 – 7 p.m.

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