From the Great Muni Shelter: One bus, one book

Photo by Tenderblog

We’re a day away from giving the 30-Stockton Muni shelter a good home. For the last month, this bus shelter has been living at SOMArts at the wonderful I Live Here:SF exhibit by Julie Michelle. Visitors to her exhibit, featuring her photography and art by Chris Rusak, have been covering the bus stop with their own stories. Here’s one:

“One rainy night I was on my way home on the N-Judah. The train was nearly empty and I was reading Fahreinheit 451. A young man came and sat next to me, which I thought was strange as there were plenty of open seats. He asked me what I was reading and said that he didn’t read a lot but remembered that he liked this book when he was a kid. He said he didn’t have much money for books. So I gave him my book and told him to enjoy it — and to give it to someone else when he was done. He agreed and then it was my stop so I got off and went home.” – Julie

Muni shelter at SOMArts

Come to Julie’s closing night party tomorrow, Tuesday, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and find out who gets to take the bus shelter home. SOMArts is located at 934 Brannan Street. And don’t forget: voting ends at midnight tonight! Vote here, unless you already have.

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