How not to get jacked in the back of the bus

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Two people at the SOMArts exhibit of I Live Here: SF had back-of-the-bus tales to share:

A group of happy-go-lucky teens jumped onto the bus and then realized that some of them needed money to complete their journey. They walked over and asked me for a buck or two — I complied, having been in that predicament myself before. A second teenager asked me for more change for his friend. “No luck,” I replied. I didn’t have any more change. Then I blurted out, “Hey man, I just gave you two bucks!” I had a big grin on my face because I was impressed by their preseverance.

They grinned in response and said, “We could jack you. But you’re nice so we’re not going to jack you.”

We all laughed and I learned again that it pays to be nice. At least on Muni.

This one’s from Christine:

While riding the J, I noticed that a man behind me reeked of cigarette smoke. That wasn’t unusual, but it started getting stronger. Finally, I heard another passenger say, “Ok, we all sat here while you smoked the first one, but that’s enough!”

I turned around just as the guy crushed out his second cigarette.

Reminds us of one of the first diaries not written by us: Rob’s story from July 2008 of breaking all the rules on Muni.

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