At Least It’s Not Snow

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Phoot by Alexandra Jones

Think our recent spat of rain is bad? At least we’re not snowed in inside a subway tunnel like these poor New Yorkers. They reportedly waited for hours in the tunnel with out heat or food. Rueters reports via SFGate:

“Passengers have been stuck for several hours on two New York City subway trains stalled in snow drifts near Kennedy Airport.

NYC Transit spokesman Charles Seaton says that snow drifts and ice on the third rail have stalled trains at two stops in Queens, north and south of Kennedy Airport.”


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  • Sam

    As a transit rider in both SF and NYC I’d like to clarify that these guys weren’t necessarily stuck in tunnels per se — the NYC subway has extensive sections of elevated track, particularly in the outer boroughs like Queens. Not as bad as being underground, but still not pleasant!

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