Getting Hitched at the Muni Yard

Mooflyrabbit Wedding
Photo by Jessica Palopoli, Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Eat your heart out, Legion of Honor. There’s a hot new wedding photo spot in town: the Muni yard! We found Heather and Ed’s wedding photos on Flickr (taken by photographer Jessica Palopoli). Here’s what Heather had to say about getting hitched with Muni in the background:

We were supposed to have our wedding out at Fort Miley – near Land’s End – with the Golden Gate Bridge and all that in the background. Then the weather surprised us by raining all day and we had to move our ceremony – and photoshoot – to our reception venue, at the Verdi Club (on Mariposa and Potrero).

In the months leading up to the wedding I had done some thinking about where we would do the photoshoot if the wedding rained out, so I’d mused that we could use the Muni yard, which is a half-block away from the Verdi Club – as a backdrop. It was graphically interesting and very San Francisco! We were lucky enough to have a short break in the deluge, long enough to take a few photos.

The Muni pictures are awesome and definitely showcase our city, even if it’s not in the way I’d originally planned. Oh – and we wanted to actually go in the yard and take photos by the buses, but the security guy at the gate of the yard wouldn’t let us.

I guess we can rest assured that the Muni yard is pretty secure. Thanks, Heather and Ed!

Our band photo
Photo by Jessica Palopoli, Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

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