• Daishin

    The other day a young woman was talking about her love life very loudly on her cell on the 49…in fact so loudly that several of us around her were laughing. The bus was packed as usual so there was no where to go. Eventually she started to cry very loudly and hung up. She continued to sob for the next few minutes at a very high decibel level. I think that since she was so broken-hearted, she didn’t seem to care that she was on MUNI. Maybe people’s relationships fall apart more in winter. Is that a reasonable excuse?

    • eugenia

      I have been told by Bucky Sinister that dating season doesn’t start until Feb. 15, and it ends on Halloween, the worst day to find a date because they’re all dressed like some fantastical, non-real-life thing. I think this young lady doesn’t realize that the timing is just right. She’ll be ready for the season to begin in a month!

  • rarian rakista

    Up here in PDX on the Trimet it is much better than I remember Muni, the only annoying folks are usually tourists, everyone else seems to keep the talking off the rail mostly.

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