Swishy River on the 49

Not every liquid on Muni is urine, but I always jump straight to that conclusion every time I see something like this on the bus. I’d argue that most of the time, it’s not urine, but I still think it is, anyway.

About the pic, though. I thought it was probably urine, especially given its proximity to the back corner of the bus. Then, I decided it wasn’t because I couldn’t smell it. Then, I smelled it and it was absolutely urine. Couldn’t be anything else.

But, the worst part, by far, was how it kept swishing back and forth (back and forth) as the bus started and stopped. It wasn’t a tidal wave or anything, but it definitely had momentum. So not only was this a urine trail, it was a moving urine trail. Boo.

I hopped off soon after my if/then/therefore thought process came to a close, but not before snapping this glorious photo. My foot’s there for scale.


  • JC

    Wow. This is so…accurate, I guess. I always have the same thoughts when seeing the rio muni.

  • Devin and I were on BART the other day. We sat down next to one of the disabled seats, which had a plastic water bottle filled with pale yellow liquid. From the smell, it was definitely urine. The BART train was packed, so I’m still wondering how someone got away with peeing in a bottle. Maybe they did it in a hidden part of the platform and then stashed it on the train. Who knows.

  • Amy

    That’s disgusting. This is why I hate the back of the bus.

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