• patricia

    Next time, please include his face in the shot. These people need to be shamed publicly. What are you supposed to do in such a situation???

  • Rob

    Damn, I wouldn’t want my bare feet touching the floor.

  • loren

    there was a guy doing this exact thing on an N i got onto the other night! he was stretched across 3 of the line of 4 seats parallel to the windows, shoes off, stinky feet splayed. and of course, that one remaining seat was the only free one on the train…and my feet were killing me.

    when i sat down in that one remaining seat next to him, his feet barely touching my leg; the jerk had the nerve to give me the dirtiest look ever. like i had kicked his dog and burned down his house or something. like i had busted in his front door and sat down next to him on his couch.

    people like this kill me. i mean… what the hell?

  • Edmund

    WTF? Is he unbuckling himself in the first pic?!?!??!

    I noticed this guy two weeks earlier on an N doing the exact same things depicted in the photos. I didn’t think too much of it at first, since it’s not unusual to see people laying out on the seats. Barefoot? Maybe. Smelling your own socks? Ok, now it’s getting weird.

    But when he starts having a coughing/hacking fit with his mouth open, that’s when it starts getting gross. It only gets worse when he decides to blow his nose without any tissue and proceeds to spray the surrounding 3-seater with liquid snot.

    Hand sanitizer for your hands and a newspaper to sit on folks. Never ride Muni without it =)

  • Where did that sweater go?

  • Salmon Dave

    …the sweater went BACK to GOODWILL…LOL

  • heather

    YEAH! ive seen this guy too! and i had another person tell me a story that sounds like him too. Its public transportation, not your living room.

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