Wanted: Your Singing Muni Driver


The word on our Twitter stream is that a few Muni operators have been adding some light-hearted fun on your commute:

  • “My Muni driver is announcing all the stops in a Donald Duck voice. It’s kind of amazing.” — @thelynchbox
  • “The 71L bus driver is singing the stops instead of yelling them. So awesome.” — @Grahamcrackersf
  • “This J line operator keeps doing a Donald Duck impression over the PA, and it’s freaking me out.” — @mrfb
  • “I swear my Muni driver is singing out the stops…” — @simplelife9
  • “this 38 Geary bus driver srly thinks she’s a flight attendant announcing every stop and tourist trap in a sensual voice. Lol” — @MMMeliO
  • “in response to people angrily yelling “BACK DOOOR!” on the 49,driver is now repeatedly yelling it into his own mic. Won’t stop” — @kailielaine




In the craziness of getting across town, I can definitely appreciate drivers who have a great sense of humor. Does anybody have audio or video of such entertaining Muni operators to share?

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