Take Muni, Break the Dating Rules

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Yay or Nay: Should you take your date on Muni?

Perhaps I’m too biased to give an opinion on the matter, but I think taking Muni on a date shows your urban cred. There are a lot of great dates you can go on via Muni, at least according to my quick poll of San Francisco friends:

SFMOMA (half-off Jan. 31 to Feb. 24, open late on Thursday evenings) + Zero Zero: Take the 5, 9, 14, 30, 38, 45, J, KT, L, M, N to SFMOMA. This week you can catch the Henri Cartier-Bresson or the screening of “Voyeurism and Early Cinema.” Hot! Then walk over to Zero Zero for their excellent pizza and very respectable Folsom Street Sour.

F-Market excursion: Take the F-Market to Pier 39 for Trish’s Mini Donuts, digest with a walk on along the Embarcadero, and taste chocolates at TCHO.

Brunch at the Beach: Take the 5, 31, 18, or N to Ocean Beach, have brunch at the Beach Chalet, walk back up through the park, and you can rent paddle boats at Stow Lake.

I’ll throw in one of my own: SF Bookstores Muni tour: take 1, 2, or 38 to Green Apple Books, have lunch at Burma Super Star, then take 1-California all the way downtown, walk through North Beach to City Lights Bookstore, and end your trip upstairs at Vesuvio to talk over your finds.

What other dating rules will you break? Over at the new dating website HowAboutWe.com, there is a Break the Dating Rules contest for San Francisco (voting ends tonight!). People are proposing all kinds of quirky dates, like doing handstands and aerials at the Athletic Playground, performing offensive karaoke songs, and participating in a no-hands pie-eating contest.

One contestant suggested breaking the “don’t eat with your hands” rule by taking a few pounds of Dungeness crab and crawfish from the Boiling Crab and chow down on a dock near the Bay. I think that date should also be accompanied by consuming whiskey-in-paper-bags and throwing crab shells at tourists. Now that’s breaking the rules.

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