T-Third Accident on 22nd Street

Rider Dana L. sent us this picture of an accident involving a T-Third and another vehicle that happened around 3 p.m. today. @Eze415 on Twitter said that this happened on Third and 22nd Streets, and tweeted another photo from the scene:

If you saw this accident or have more information about it, please let us know in the comments section.


  • San Francisco has the dumbest fucking drivers.

  • Ed

    From what i heard some genius made an illegal turn in a Toyota Avalon in front of a train. The T was delayed around 2 hours and the trains were getting switched back at 3rd and Channel and 3rd and Evans with Shuttle buses covering the parts between those 2 locations. Muni is alway forking over money to people for accidents, i think it is about time that Muni starts going after other drivers when it is clearly there fault. I don’t think we the tax payers should have to cover the repair bill of some driver making an illegal turn, in this case a damaged train, lost revenue from paying patrons, people lives getting disrupted, and overtime for drivers getting off work late, that is why people have auto insurance.


  • eugenia

    Dana told me that “the car made an illegal left-hand turn in front of the T-Third, which plowed into it. The train then pushed the car into the traffic light pole between the tracks.”


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