Neo-Vaudeville on the 38-Geary

In his effort to ride all the Muni lines in the city, Gabriel Wheeler of Destination Nowhere asked his friend Audra Wolfmannn to come for a ride on the 38-Geary. Instead, her alter ego Odessa Lil showed up.

Odessa Lil is MC for hire. She hosts many a burlesque show, but does not limit herself to one calling. She will do weddings, divorces , Bar Mitzvahs, funerals, just ask!

RIding with Odessa Lil on the 38-Geary was a riot. We started near the Safeway off of the Pacific Coast Highway, where Playland at the Beach used to be. All the locals and tourists seemed intrigued by her beauty and intimidated by her riding crop. I was impressed how most people kept it to stolen glances. I did not see any out right gawkers nor did we have to contend with any colorful SF personalities (for better or for worse).

Our first stop was Trader Sams where we indulged in some delicious cocktails. Odessa Lil kindly posed for photos with the bar’s patrons, the bartender, and the pinball machine.

Later we found ourselves at the old Transbay Terminal (R.I.P.). It was very sullen and full of homeless residents. It had an air of danger so we did not linger too long, but I snapped some good shots without any incident.

We ended our day at Union Square where Odessa Lil put her riding crop to good use by spanking some willing tourists and posing for more photos. It was an 8-hour adventure I’ll never forget.

I have done about 27 or so of these rides and each one is just as exciting as the last. But so far Odessa Lil has been the most colorful. Check my blog for new updates as I continue to explore San Francisco via Muni.

Thanks, Gabriel!

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