Single-Spotting on Muni and BART

Photo by blarfiejandro

Emily Ostendorf had an idea about how to facilitate singles meeting each other on BART. She’s calling her idea “Singled Out on BART.” How does it work?

This Valentine’s Day—Monday, February 14—indicate your unattached status (and willingness to be approached) by tying a ribbon around your ring finger: pink if you’re looking for a woman, blue if you’re looking for a man. Look for others wearing ribbons and make a connection.

Hmmm idea! It’s like a cute version of the jelly bracelet (remember those?). What do you think? Would you do this on Muni? Not everyone has Wil’s gumption to approach a beautiful girl on the bus, so maybe with a little ribbon, we can have a little fun on our Monday commute…

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