Weekend Photos: Versions of You

Meanwhile on Muni
Photo by David Lytle

Today’s one of those days when I am not going to ask how your commute was this morning. We know. Hopefully our tweets kept you entertained while you wait for one of the shuttle buses during this morning’s big clusterfuck.

Here’s something else to muse over: on Muni Time Capsule this week, we bring you a gallery of PCC street cars from 1978! Yes, seriuosly, 1978. Check it out.

In other Muni news this week:

  • Major Muni Metro Delays Friday Morning – Derailment near Castro Station (here on Muni Diaries, thanks to you and media reports)
  • Commuter Check Users Surprised By Monthly Fee To Use Clipper(SF Appeal)
  • Most BART Riders Escape Tickets for Eating and Drinking (SF Weekly)
  • City Hall Hearing Turns Spotlight on Problems Plaguing 14-Mission Line (Streetsblog SF)
  • S.F. High School Student Attacked While Riding Muni (SF Weekly)
  • Maximize Clipper Card Inter-Agency Transfers & Discounts (Akit’s Complaint Department)

There are other goodies that you can grab on the site, like the chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Espetus. Oh, and our shirts and Clipper Card holders are all 20% off in our anniversary sale.

Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

Photo by Jeremy Whiteman

Dirty Cartoons
Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Photo by Brad Evans

I Wanna Take You There
Photo by Sean Davis

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  • JC

    This seems like as good of a place as any to throw this out, but has anyone seen the high-quality video ads which have replaced the Yahoo! games at some of the MUNI stops? (The one I’m thinking of is on Chestnut and Pierce outside of Delarosa.) Pretty high-res movie and tv promos as well as product ads which change every 5-10 seconds or so. Actually a bit off-putting and bright if you ask me. Wondering if others have seen them and if so, what they think.

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