Cupid Shot Me on Muni

roses are red
Photo by Tian Jiang

Cupid is that overpaid lazy fuck who is always on a cigarette break. On the rare occasions when he actually does his job, though, sometimes he does it on Muni. I know. Here’s proof.

Eric forms a quick plan on the bus so he can meet his future wife:

I see the most amazingly beautiful woman ever in my life…Holy shit! What to do?! “Sit next to her, idiot!” I tell myself. Well, I don’t want to seem like a fool so I hold my paper out in front of me (turns out that it was upside down). I can’t stop staring at her hands.. they are long and sleek, so beautiful.. plus I can’t just stare directly at her, that would be rude.

Read the rest of Eric’s story.

Wil proves that he’s not just random guy on the bus:

It started, like most of my days end, waiting for the N-Judah outside the CalTrain station, reading, listening to my headphones. The train ambled up a couple minutes earlier than NextBus predicted (for perhaps the first time in history.) So, I scrambled to get my bag together and slipped onto the second car as the “door closing” warning chimed out. I looked up at the almost empty car as I pressed the back of my wallet against the Clipper terminal and saw a girl that made my heart immediately break into a hundred pieces.

Read the rest of Wil’s story.

Steven and Vickie met one day while riding the 22-Fillmore en route to the outer Richmond. Their initial attraction to each other survived a transfer to the 38-Geary:

Listen to Steven and Vickie’s story

People are finding Muni a perfectly romantic San Francisco place. We’ve even received wedding photos taken on the bus:

Heather and Ed had their wedding photo shoot at the Muni yard.

Mooflyrabbit Wedding
Photo by Jessica Palopoli, Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Muni was Chantilly and Domonique’s wedding shuttle

Photo by Lawrence Pan

…as well as for this happy couple in the back of the bus.

Photo by jennifer7people

If this post made you gag, my sincere apologies. Worry not: we’re only a few hours away from our regular programming of food fights, suspicious liquids, celebrity sightings, and cameos in adult films! In the mean time, if you have a Muni love story to share, today would be the day.


  • Salmon Dave

    …all right…that last photo is shades of “The Graduate” of course…my all-time favorite movie…

  • Daishin

    For some reason I’m always surprised when I find out that young heterosexual couples in SF actually get married.

  • Daishin

    I would say marriage seems so bourgeoisie for young people…especially those with red and green hair. After all this isn’t Concord or Walnut Creek. I was so hoping that young folks would transcend the whole husband-wife-children thing which holds us to old, tired paradigms that maintain and affirm the status quo.

    • eugenia

      Next time my grandmother gets on my case about this, I am going to say exactly what you said above. Wonder what she’ll say…it cracks me up just imagining saying this at her dinner table. 😀

  • Salmon Dave

    …i just KNEW that person could NOT get through THAT statement without using PARADIGM…

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