Mayor Ed Lee to Streetsblog: TEP Is Top Muni Priority

Reception after Ed Lee sworn in as San Francisco Mayor 44
PHoto by Steve Rhodes

How does Mayor Ed Lee really feel about Muni? In the first of a series of interviews with Streetsblog SF, Lee says that implementing the Transportation Effectiveness Project (TEP) is his top priority for Muni during his administration.

TEP contains recommendations of a years-long study that aimed to make Muni more efficient by line changes, bus stop consolidation, and other strategies for each Muni line.

Lee told Streetsblog’s Bryan Goebel:

“The Transit Effectiveness plan and program has to be implemented all the way. There are some fantastic ideas that have been presented, some great policy reflective of the TEP. I would like those things aggressively implemented.

“I also think that they have to quickly come up with financial schemes that would get their revenues up and make sure they’re not losing any money.”

Read the rest of Mayor Lee’s interview at Streetsblog SF.

The new mayor has made some controversial remarks about Muni, calling Muni an embarrassment, then telling the Bay Citizen that the transit system is doing fine. SF Appeal’s Susie Cagle even made a cartoon featuring the new mayor to illustrate Muni’s recent woes. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for Streetsblog SF’s interviews in the coming days to find out what else Lee has to say about our public transit.


  • Dave

    I love the first recommendation for the 28 “More frequent service would shorten wait times and reduce crowding” — Duh

  • Among others, the 11-Downtown Connector strikes me as a really good idea. That commuters who work in the northeast sector of town are more or less bound to share their ride with hella tourists strikes me as a colossally bad idea. If they insist on the curtailed 10-Townsend route (which used to serve the NE sector), the 11 is a great alternative.

  • It would make my freakin’ year if this magical, hypothetical 11 actually happened. I think I safely speak for everyone who works at the North Point Academy of Art building and Levi’s Plaza.

  • Susan

    It would be great to see an updated version of the 2008 TEP recomendations with the changes that have happened noted on each line.

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