Meanwhile, on @munidiaries

Photo by @thedrun

The @munidiaries Twitter feed is a constant stream of the hilarity that happens on your daily commute. Blink and you might miss @thedrun‘s Twitpic of a man puzzled by the bus shelter’s message (above). If you aren’t a Twitter fiend like us (and @munidiaries‘ 3200+ followers), we’ve picked out this week’s most awesome tweets that made us spit out our coffee.

Meanwhile, on @munidiaries…

@danapczynski: Woman on Muni has popeye’s chicken. My repulsion and compulsion are indiscernible

@gamewit: Pretty sure this guy in front of me on Muni chain smokes to cover up his BO.

@misstillytilly: First time riding the 14 muni to the mission, and just saw a hobo pull out a can of beer that was hidden inside his prosthetic arm

@mmmmmria: Just saw a guy pay for muni fare with a balloon animal 🙂

Ok one more:

@jennstover: Someone on muni is wearing toe socks with the toes cut off & flip-flops. This is not ok.

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