Bus Bridges Running During Muni Delays (updates)

Embarcadero Station
Photo by David Lytle

Update (3:22 p.m.): SF Weekly says that SFMTA promises a fail-free evening commute today. We’ll just see about that, won’t we?

Update (2:26 p.m.): SF Appeal reports that, according to SFMTA, this morning’s mess was the result of damaged cables. The problem was fixed at 10 a.m. this morning, according to SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose. Read the rest of the story at SF Appeal.

Original post:The exact cause of this morning’s delays at the Embarcadero Station is still unclear, and it looks like we won’t find out for another few hours. The delays started early this morning, affecting inbound and outbound trains that feed under Market Street.

KRON 4 reports:

Muni spokesman Paul Rose says once the morning commute is over, repair crews will go to the Embarcadero Station and assess what’s going wrong. Rose wouldn’t estimate the length of the delays but says bus bridges are also running along Market Street to cope with the extra number of passengers.

SFMTA says that a mechanical issue might be causing the problem. Deja vu much? SF Appeal reports:

According to SF MTA spokesperson Paul Rose, “we’re still moving, we’re just going slowly” at the Embarcadero station, where he says mechanical issues are, yet again, delaying service.

Riders are understandably frustrated, especially loudly on Twitter, notes the SF Examiner. You can, of course, request a late note from the station agent like Kath did this morning. Genius, Kath!

We’ll keep you updated here on the status of the delay.


  • Alex

    last night i was on M EMBR and our LRV hit civic center and then broke down right then and there.
    they made everyone get off M and get off the 2 car N judah that was also waiting behind us. i wonder if they were unable to repair that LRV last night and maybe thats why service is all screwed up, because they have a train blocking the tracks at civic center

  • loren

    “SFMTA promises a fail-free evening commute today”

    silly SFMTA, promising things that they really can’t. Or shouldn’t, at least.

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