Who Rants About Commuting More: Boston vs SF?

You might think Muni riders reign supreme when it comes to ranting about our public transportation, but rider Andy C sent over a tip: Bostonians put the T in hateraid. According to Andy:

The Metropolitan Massachusetts Boston Transit Authority recently started selling MBTA-themed gear (a way to close a budget gap?). Based on some rider suggestions to the Boston Globe, it would appear that Muni’s problems are unique.

In response to the MBTA’s online store, the Boston Globe challenged their readers to come up with slogans for transit-themed goods. The Boston Globe’s Top 25 Readers’ T Slogans sound a little like how we talk about Muni: “Raising Your Blood Pressure since 1964” and “America’s First Subway and Still Operating Like It.”


Got some merchandise ideas for Muni? Comment away!


  • As someone who has lived in both cities for many years, I can assure you San Franciscans bitch a whole lot more than Bostonians (and rightfully so).

    Key differences:
    1) The T’s light rail is comparatively quite nice.
    2) Boston’s buses barely run on a schedule (same goes for SF, of course), but at least the buses run often. I never felt like I waited more than 15 minutes to get on a bus.
    3) Boston actually has a subway system.

    Also, MBTA = Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

  • Hector Palma

    I live in Amesbury, Mass and I commute to Boston at least 4 times a week for meetings and such. I am also a native San Franciscan. That said, I think we are comparing apples and oranges here. Mass transit is equal terrible in both cities.

    Same thing for drivers. Both cities are equally terrible.

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