Bring Your Own Seat While Waiting For Muni

Photo by Jayne

Some people aren’t satisfied with the seating options at Muni stations. They’re taking the matter into their own hands. Rider Jayne sent us a photo of a guy with his own seat at the Van Ness station…

Kind of reminds me of this photo that we’ve seen before of a man waiting for the bus on his own comfy seat:

Photo by davitydave

And this sodden couch for anyone waiting for the 22-Fillmore:

Photo by Jason

Or if you’d like to swivel around while you wait…

Photo by Danny Howard

Some people aren’t satisfied with the seating once they get on the bus…

Photo by @amber_kit

Photo by Tina

Photo by John C

These crafty knitters in Philly took it a step further (via Wooster Collective)

Wow. Well, I guess even though Muni seats are less gross than BART seats, you can never be too careful!


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