Rubik’s Cube Champ and Other Best Muni Tweets

Photo by @Urbanoasissf

This week on Muni, @Urbanoasissf saw a man finishing a Rubik’s Cube in 21 seconds! What else happened on Muni this week? The @munidiaries Twitter stream is filled with absurd happenings on the bus. This week, here’s what Muni riders witnessed:

Yesterday on the 38 Driver told lovely woman no drinks. She threw it out the door and hit someone on the sidewalk. (@hollyhollsholl)
Riding #muni bus 22 and just saw a naked guy cross Market. Guess he was catchin’ a few rays while they last! (@fitfoxes)
Also on this muni train: two giggling nuns. (@pamalama)
I really hope the guy behind me on the 38L has a tiny umbrella in his pocket (@NedraD_SF)
Morning commute #muni breakthrough: carry a decent sized birthday cake and people will vacate their seat for you. (@thomaskielbus)

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