Baseball begins today — will you ride Muni to AT&T Park?

Photo by Steve Rhodes

Last week, SFMTA asked San Francisco Giants fans to consider riding Muni to baseball games this year. Tonight’s exhibition game against the Oakland A’s is your first chance.

Muni Diaries is officially in the bag for our hometown 2010 World Series champs, and we gladly welcome the beginning of the 2011 season. And we’re all for riding Muni when possible and realistic.

We wanna know: Will you be taking Muni to the games? Or will you be one of the many pissed-off, non-baseball fan throngs who huff and puff and curse Muni and all things baseball beginning around this time each year? Let us know!


  • Jennifer

    Hell yeah I’m taking Muni, even if the T-train is hella slow.

  • Susan

    I’ll take Muni…. but just don’t understand why they don’t run N-trains all the way to the ball park on weekends for games? WHY do they make us get off & transfer to a “shuttle”???

  • Sara

    I take MUNI (the streetcar) to and from work every day but I’d rather walk than take MUNI to and from Giants games. MUNI can’t seem to manage the flow of traffic with the number of trains needed — and it’s less stressful to just walk from AT&T park to my MUNI stop off of Market than deal with taking the streetcar after a game.

  • JC

    If MUNI was like the Giants, they’d up the cost to get to the ballpark to $6. Seriously, it’s a no-brainer to take MUNI, the only reason to ever drive to a sporting event is to tailgate and baseball tailgating sucks. Take MUNI, drink (a personally-responsible amount of) some sweet-tasting $10 Championship beer and enjoy the summer. I can’t wait for my first hot dog of 2011.

  • When I go to the ball park from work, I walk or take the 10 Townsend. From downtown I’ll usually just walk. It’s a fast walk and much nicer than being crammed in a Muni train or bus with a ton of people.
    After the games… It’s usually such a mess by the ballpark all you can do is walk out to Market Street. At least it’s close!

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