• JC

    Please, please, please MUNI tell me that you plan on keeping to keep rolling some of these cars with these ads out in June or July. Really need that to happen.

    Indeed, I’ll make a Clipper contribution to MUNI to keep the ads up after we’re all supposed to have torn off our sackcloth – as Jonah 3:8 says we should all be wearing – and headed off to that great MUNI platform in the sky (what’s the plural of sackcloth – sackcloths or sackclothes?)

  • Mike Battaglia

    co-sign! I’ll donate to run the ad again after the date!!

  • fermata

    please, let it be true this time…

  • Tweety

    Damn, I have a hair appointment on the 22nd!

  • BBnet3000

    these are on AC transit and all over Oakland too. (even in Spanish!)

  • Pippe Brewster

    Did anyone else notice the silhouette of the guy in the corner? Looks like hes squeezing out a fat shit! gross!

  • JC

    Interesting that this has gone WAY beyond MUNI (and poor Oakland – I know all publicity is good publicity but come on!). T-minus 8 hours until, well, until a LOT of spare room on the 38.

  • Henry Larry

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