Megan’s DIY Fast Pass Art

What are you going to do with those Fast Passes you’ve saved over the years, now that they are a veritable collector’s item? Rider Megan B. sent us a photo of a really cool way to display them. She mounted them on a 36×48 canvas, and the result looks pretty fantastic. She had sourced the material from her partner’s 16 year (!) collection of Fast Passes. Want to see what this looks like in Megan’s home?

Oh, Fast Passes, how we’ll miss your colorful ways. Nicely done, Megan!

Don’t forget, you can dress up your Clipper card with our Fast Pass Clipper Card holders, which have just arrived at the Muni Diaries Etsy store.


  • BBnet3000

    Very nice.

  • LAP

    Awesome collage, Megan! I just started saving mine, though I wish I had started saving them last year. This is sort of sad, but I wanted to make a collage later on to remind myself of my tough year on welfare and that I got through it. I get an ‘L’ Lifeline pass every month..

  • Michael H.

    Very nice. I use them as bookmarks. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the lovely work of art, but it’s a noble function, nevertheless.

  • miss kitty

    i have been collecting fast passes since i was in grade school…i have a near-complete collection dating back to 1986! haven’t decided what kind of art project to use them for. i’ve flirted with the idea of making some kind of garment. i’ll miss fast passes — clipper cards just aren’t as cool, even though they are supposedly more convenient. and…i CANNOT stand that intrusive BEEEEEEEP sound the card scanners make…plus, you can’t flash clipper cards to the driver all fierce-like.

  • Gemma Kett-Young

    I have only recently been introduced to the beautiful fast passes (i live in the UK!). Does anyone know where I can get a collection of these from? I a graphic designer and love the mix of colour and typography.

  • Angela

    wow! what a fabulous piece of art. looks great in your home

  • Metcard

    I am looking to do something similar with old travel tickets that I have, and have a few questions.

    How were these mounted on canvas?

    Will they be at risk of falling off over time?

    Will they fade over time?

  • Rich

    Are your fast passes still available? thanks

  • Dylan

    Does anyone have a hi-res copy of a January 1998 Fast Pass? Doing a personal project and would love it if you could share! 🙂

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