Teens Off-Board 44-O’Shaughnessy, Shooting Ensues

Muni rider Tony sent us these photos of this morning’s shooting. Some teenagers allegedly got off a 44-O’Shaughnessy and shot an 18-year-old (possibly 17) man.

Tony says:

I was on the 24 which had to turn around bc of “police activity”. Woman next to me was an aunt of the victim. Said he was just 17 and was shot because he refused to move his bag when asked. They waited for him to get off the bus and the started shooting him. She said he was shot 10 times.

SF Appeal has more on the story.

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  • SmoothCriminal

    Gun control laws absolutely do nothing to protect the people. Think about it, who can carry a gun on the street? Cops and criminals. The laws only benefit the criminals. We are just like sitting ducks waiting to be victimized.

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