Bad Eggs of the Teenage Variety on Muni

Photo by frankfarm

We threw this in the WTF: Weirdness on Muni category, but it’s not so much weirdness as what theeeee fuck. Via submitter “Ms. Over It,” we remember and wish everyone taught their kids to be good people, even when said kids get chest-puffy with their friends.

This story, unfortunately has it all: the worst of teen-on-woman harassment, theft, and what sounds like a lot of other scared passengers who sat on their hands.

I boarded the L train inbound at Taraval and 25th ave. yesterday evening after work. At the next stop a group of 6 or 7 teen boys boarded bringing foul language and disregard with them. They fought among each other, hogged multiple seats relaying emasculating phrases and homophobic accusations in the highest sound volume…this continued all the way to Forest Hill Station. When I departed the train I thought I was done with that ruckus but to my dismay the boys departed the train as well. We all boarded the elevator with a couple of other random people and half way up they hit the emergency stop button causing the elevator to jolt to a stop. They laughed and pushed each other around then hit the up button and the elevator began moving again, we were almost to the top when they did it again! I let out a frustrated sigh as I have a fear of falling and glanced at the other 2 adults on the elevator whom were also showing annoyance which I think the boys picked up on.
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Muni Driver’s Surprising Gift

muni driver stop requested
Photo by Oran Viriyincy

Shoshannah’s ride was made infinitely better by a little surprise from the driver.

Last night I got on a Richmond-bound 44 O’Shaughnessy at Forest Hill. I sat way in the back, on one of those single “jump seats” over the wheel wells on the new hybrid buses. I sank into a mental fog as thick as the mist swirling around the eucalyptus trees but was roused when I heard a sudden, tonal eruption.

Not at all unpleasant–definitely musical–and human-generated, not some odd ringtone. I looked around, trying to identify the source and then went back to my thoughts.

Again, a seemingly random sing-song utterance. I tried to find the person on the bus with the odd manifestation of Tourette’s syndrome but there were no clues. Then I heard it again, and this time, it registered. Read more

Five Muni Moments This Week

muni moments
Photo by Roshan Vyas

Five noteworthy things that happened on the bus this week:

Sometimes the jokes write themselves, especially if you’re on Muni. “Crack head, a hooker and a magenta-stained poodle get on the bus…” No really: just saw this on the 44-O’Shaughnessy. Meanwhile, a guy wearing those Google Glasses got on Muni this week. Wonder if he saw the old guy softly playing harmonica on the bus, or the beautiful baritone singer singing in Italian on the 49-Van Ness. This week a rider put a new spin on the grooming practices on the bus: a woman was applying foot lotion on Muni. Nail clipping on the bus is so…2010.

This week’s Muni moments were brought to you by:
Michael Capozzola

Muni Driver and Parking Officer Have a Moment

Photo by Aaron Bialick

Aaron at Streetsblog last week posted this about a Muni driver thanking a parking control officer issuing a ticket to a car blocking a bus stop:

This week, I stumbled upon a heartwarming moment for the folks out on the streets every day working to keep things moving along.

A 44-O’haughnessy driver pulled up to a bus stop blocked by a scofflaw driver just as a parking control officer (PCO) was issuing a ticket. In a pleasant show of camaraderie, the driver took a moment to thank the officer for her work.

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