Driver Plays Lotto While Stunned Passengers Watch

Thanks for the heads-up, California Lottery!
Photo by Sam Craig

I can understand that Muni drivers sometimes need to pop out real quick for a bathroom  break , but buying a lotto ticket? Really? Rider Donna C. sent us this email:

Just before 1 p.m., I was riding the #5 Fulton towards downtown when the muni driver pulled over at Fulton & Masonic, jumped out, grabbed a lotto ticket from the stand just outside the Fulton Food Shop, went inside to the cashier, opened his wallet, and presumably played his lotto ticket. There was an audible gasp among the passengers on the packed bus – no one could believe what they were seeing. He came out of the store, and got back on the bus as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I called in a formal complaint to muni – we’ll see what comes of it. I asked for someone to report back to me.

Drivers just can’t catch a break this week, it seems.


  • Salmon Dave

    …just a LONG time tradition for MUNI…when i moved here in the mid-70’s…our driver on van ness stopped and jumped to hit the old Doggie Diner near city hall…gotta pee…gotta eat…gotta buy lotto tickets…

  • Erik

    Next contract renegotiation there needs to be something about lottery tickets bought while on the clock having to be split with the passengers.

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