Twitter-Sourced Muni Transfer Art

Last month we found artist Faernworks on Twitter asking for people to save her some Muni transfers. “It’s for art,” she explains. A retweet later, she’s received enough transfers to create some pretty cool art.

“One of the reasons I am working with the transfers is because of their day to day ‘ness of them- the everyday use and familiarity- that is quickly changing- i have yet to get one of those cards…” she explains on the Faernworks website.

Glad we can help a little!

Here’s the second part of the Faernworks Muni transfers project:

Have you done something creative with your transfers or Fast Passes? Let us know.

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  • Ron Reiss

    I’ve been collecting Muni transfers for many years. I have Muni transfers going back to the ‘teens, and transfers from S.F. predecessor systems going back to the 1860s. I’d still like to acquire as many as I can, especially current transfers and transfers from the ’80s and ’90s since I’m trying to get at least one from every month. if anyone can help, please send me an email at If there are other collectors out there, let me know- I have plenty of stuff to trade, going back to the ’30s. I am also interested in fast passes from the 1970s. Thanks!

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