‘I Learned How to Get Pills on My First Muni Ride’

Photo by shanan

Justin recently arrived in SF. Welcome, Justin. Take it away!

I just moved to San Francisco, and last week rode on Muni for the very first time. Super crowded on the 45-Union/Stockton headed to AT&T Park, and when the seats next to me freed up at the first stop, two girls sat down and continued their conversation. At first I tried minding my own business, but I haven’t yet mastered the art of blocking out the Muni noise, so I eavesdropped. And this was the first thing I heard:

GIRL 1: Crap, you know what? I don’t think I have any more pills.
GIRL 2: Really? I thought Chris still had some from the knee thing?
GIRL 1: Nooo, those are long gone. I’m talking about from what Julie had left.
GIRL 2: Oh! Did I tell you what me made Jeff do last month? We were at (some bar I don’t remember the name of) and decided we needed some Vicodin. Nobody had any so we convinced Jeff to go to the ER and get some.
GIRL 1: Shut. the Fuck. Up. Did it work?
GIRL 2: Yeah we just told him to make something up, so we found a clinic within walking distance and he walked in and put “Gout” on the form they handed him. Voila! Vics.
GIRL 1: Huh. (thinks for a second) What’s gout?
GIRL 2: Um, I actually don’t know.

I had to hide my screen as I was tweeting this, that’s how close the quarters were that day. I guess they just didn’t care who heard.

Thanks for sharing, Justin. Now, dear reader, it’s your turn to share your Muni story.

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