Muni driver inspires Peninsula church

Photo by Montauk Beach

The driver-rider relationship is a strained one in these parts. While we (and you, judging by your tweets @munidiaries) would agree that there are some pieces of work out there, let’s not forget about the good eggs in this basket.

Linda Wilson-Allen, a driver on the 45-Union/Stockton line, is one such egg. In a San Francisco Chronicle feature last month, she said she treats her job like ministry. Soon thereafter, she was called upon by Menlo Park Presbyterian Church to share some inspirational words for its congregation. Read more in The Gospel Herald Ministries.

Whichever spaghetti monster floats your boat, I think we can all agree that her attitude probably results in way happier passengers than average.

We have a couple other favorites here on Muni Diaries. There was Tammy, the Muni driver who threw a party for her passengers on the 33. And let’s not forget the Muni driver who sings the names of the stops. We’re sure there are more unsung heroes out there, so send them our way so they can get the props they deserve.

Ode to (Not Muni) Transit

Photo: Staś Małolepszy

Muni rider Jessica has had it with Muni. She writes:

I had been a long time Muni commuter until a job took me to Oakland and forced me to start commuting via bicycle/BART. Now I’m back in the city and at the mercy of Muni when it rains. Last week was particularly bad, and inspired me to start rhyming.

This commuter’s frustration culminated in a very Seuss-ian poem, “An Ode to Independent Transportation.”

I do not miss you Muni bus, who squished and threw and jostled us
I do not miss you 45, recycling and chickens (live!)
I do not miss you 41, iPhone in hands of everyone
I do not miss you 19, too, you smell of B.O. and of poo
I do not miss your route through town, drivers wearing tan and brown
I do not miss your speed, a crawl; I do not miss you, not at all!

Send us your Muni musings, rhyming or otherwise, today.

45-Union/Stockton Drivers, FTW

Photo by stevendamron

Yesterday on SFGate, C.W. Nevius told a very Muni Diaries-esque story of Susan on his blog.

When Susan Clark got off the 45 bus Tuesday morning she experienced a sinking feeling. Clark says she rides the 45 every day, even goes to the same coffee shop at Union and Fillmore every morning.

But usually when she gets off she remembers her purse.

Susan took a chance and gambled on the kindess of strangers. Read on to see how her risk paid off.

We LURV stories of kindness and lost-objects-found. Like when Kyle’s friend left her purse on a Muni Metro train and got it back. Or when Kim accidentally left her phone on a bus and got it back. Or when Jeremy dropped his work ID on the 33-Stanyan, and the driver returned it to Jeremy’s office.

Whether your Muni story is about rad drivers or, well, whatever it might be, Muni Diaries wants to hear it.

30-Stockton and 45-Union/Stockton Reroute to Last Four Years

Temporary Digs
Photo by Jamison Wieser

Muni Diaries has learned that the 30-Stockton and 45-Union/Stockton will be rerouted in the Union Square area beginning next month due to Central Subway construction. The reroutes will last “approximately four years.” A temporary shuttle will be implemented for the 8 routes.

From the SFMTA:

[A]s of Jan. 21 the 30 Stockton and 45 Union-Stockton Muni routes will be rerouted from Stockton and 4th streets to Mason and 5th streets for the duration of Central Subway construction around Union Square, approximately four years. A temporary 8 Shuttle route will be in place between Broadway and Kearny Street and SoMa to ensure sufficient downtown capacity on the 8X Bayshore bus routes.

The 30 and 45 routes use trolley buses that require an overhead catenary wire system to power the vehicles. As construction advances for the Central Subway Union Square utility relocation and station construction, these routes must be modified to accommodate the construction activity along Stockton Street. More flexible motor buses are used for the 8X routes and will be used for the 8 Shuttle that will continue to operate down Stockton Street during peak service hours until later in the construction schedule.

Central Subway Transit Impacts
30 Stockton and 45 Union-Stockton Reroute
Southbound buses travelling to 3rd and Townsend streets will be rerouted onto Sutter Street, then south on Mason Street, east on Market Street and south on 5th Street.
Northbound buses will remain on their regular route.

8 Shuttle Service
The 8 Shuttle will operate seven days a week from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
The shuttle route will begin at Kearny and Pacific then left on Broadway, left onto Stockton Street, cross Market Street onto 4th Street, turn left onto Folsom Street and left on 3rd Street.
The terminal for the Chinatown Shuttle will be at Kearny and Pacific.

The 8X/8AX/8BX Bayshore buses will maintain their current routes, according to the agency. The lines “will be rerouted at a later date to accommodate additional construction activity.”

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