Who You Callin’ A Hot Mess?

Lil Miss Hot Mess takes the 27.

Photographer Julie Michelle’s feature on I Live Here: SF yesterday starred Lil Miss Hot Mess, who is seen here waiting for the 27. Lil Miss Hot Mess takes us on a night out on the town in San Francisco, with a few of her good friends.

At the club, my friend B. who was visiting from New York (mainly to see the Spice Girls reunion tour with me) went home with this guy. You kind of have to know B., but it was basically the most precious thing ever — if there were a gay Precious Moments statuette, it would look like them holding each other on the side of the bar.

I will never look at Precious Moments figurines the same way ever again.

Read about the rest of the evening with Lil Miss Hot Mess on I Live Here:SF.


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