If San Francisco Had a Royal Wedding

Jeni and Keith, photo courtesy Vividotonline.com

Okay, if San Francisco had a royal wedding, Muni probably wouldn’t be involved. But aren’t you sick of watching people who get hitched in a 1902 State Landau carriage, or whatever that thing is? Or are you sick of the people who are sick of the royal wedding?

We found some non-royalties (as far as we know) whose wedding transportation of choice is a little more down to earth. Jeni and Keith met on the 5-Fulton, and the proposal happened right under the Muni shelter where they met. Their graphic designer, Molly Gaines, kept the Muni theme in the couple’s save-the-date cards.


Muni is no stranger to love: we gathered all the wedding/love stories we have received in this year’s Valentine’s Day roundup, which includes Eric, who met his wife on the bus, and the love-ly Heather and Ed.

Congrats, Keith and Jeni!

Now, does anybody have Prince Harry’s phone number?


  • Kristin

    My husband spontaneoulsy proposed to me on a long train ride from Yokosuka to Tokyo at midnight in an empty train carriage. Not a common sight in Tokyo, now empty trains and buses with my husband are extra special <3

  • Rand

    Sweet save the date, except the 5 is electric!

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