Bay to Breakers SUNDAY: Keep Us in the Loop

Photo by prawnpie

Ready your vomit buckets and stake out your stoop (again, stoop; keep it neat, folks): the 100th Bay to Breakers is this Sunday. Two-thirds of your editors will actually be running the damn thing, so you kids have fun with your hula hoops and Zima after the 7 a.m. shift clears out.

SFMTA and the SF Examiner have more on the what and where, particularly if you plan on using transit at some point that day. Muni starts running express buses at 4:45 a.m. and express buses continue doing their thing after the race. But we do not have to remind you how of ugly the transit situation will be. Unless San Francisco surprises us for the 100th anniversary with an eleventy-billion-person, cushioned flying bus *crosses fingers*.

Bay To Breaker 2010
Photo by gregoirevdb

So, if you’re on the verge of tears after the fifth bus passes you by, or if you’re blissfully seated on a Muni chariot speeding back downtown, here are some options. Tweet your transit-themed photos and updates @munidiaries, write sloppily on our Facebook Wall, or, after your nap, visit the site and submit your harrowing, exceedingly positive, or wasn’t-so-bad transit tales. There are always Muni-themed costumes, so keep an eye out for those, make friends, and send those blurry captures our way.

Happy B2B! Hoping the transit gods smile on all of us that day.

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