What’s Johnny Depp Doing on Muni?

Found on the 27: Jack Sparrow
Photo by Brian

On Friday we posted a photo by Brian of Johnny Depp I mean Jack Sparrow on the 27. Who is this man? We asked Brian and here’s what he had to say:

This is a cellphone picture I took on Wednesday of my new friend, Sebastian Michellod, who stayed with me this week via couchsurfing.org. He is originally from Switzerland, but has been living in Central and South America for the past four years, traveling, making videos and documentaries. More recently, he has been dressing as Jack Sparrow, working his way north to try and meet Johnny Depp (who has been “impersonating him”). He just left for LA to catch the Los Angeles premiere of Pirates 4, and will also be in Las Vegas for another event. He is an amazingly kind and talented person, and I recommend that anyone meet him if provided the opportunity.

According to Sebastian’s Facebook page, his goal is to meet Johnny Depp in Los Angeles. I approve of that goal, Sebastian.

And if you’re at Bay to Breakers, be sure to send us stories and photos of any interesting characters — Jack Sparrow included — that you see on and around the bus today.

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