Bay to Breakers, Muni Edition: Denim Kings

@Grahamcrackersf sent us a few more Bay to Breakers photos, including this gem above. Part of me wants to imagine that these aren’t costumes. The ol’ Canadian tuxedo, eh?

The next two here are also @Grahamcrackersf‘s.

And with that, we draw Bay to Breakers 2011 to a close.

Original post:

Photo by @nicolecwong

Yesterday I took the 5-Fulton with three princesses, two unicorns, a couple of people obsessed with neon tights, and a man who has run Bay to Breakers for 25 years. Yup, it was my first time running the race despite having lived here for more than 15 years. And now I feel like I’ve been awarded an official San Francisco residency badge!

What else happened when thousands of costumed (or completely naked) runners take over the city and public transit? Take a look. And once you’re sobered and rested, send us your photos of where Muni and Bay to Breakers intersected.

Photo by James Welcher

Photo by Lorcan Keating

Muni buses lined up along Fulton st.
Photo by Anthony Brown

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