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reflections on reflections
Photo by Robert B. Livingston

I thought for a minute that these bus riders were all holding up the same sign, but photog Robert B. Livingston explains that these were bus riders looking out to picketing hotel workers. The signs were simply a reflection.

Here are more Muni photos for your enjoyment. Scroll down to see what adorable stowaway we found on the bus.

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Odd Fellows
Photo by Sergio

The 'L' line from the ocean
Photo by FlickeringAbility

West Portal Station
Photo by Patrick

As promised:

Photo by Scott Perry


  • Cory Folsom

    The reflection in the bus is from in front of the Intercontinental Hotel on Howard Street. Local 2 was picketing IC because of how they are treating their workers at their other brands, including Marriott at Fisherman’s Wharf. (I was there in that picket line with them.)

  • Cory Folsom

    Whoa, I was totally wrong. Totally different protest. The signs were nearly the same color, though.

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