• I’ll weigh in on “Seating Preference”. Of course, single seats whenever available. I believe one of the untold benefits of BART is that BART seats are far wider than MUNI, where pressing the flesh against your neighbor is a given. Note to MUNI Bus buyers – the buses are aviable from the manufacturer with a variety of seat plans – pick the one with more single seats! As it is, MUNI has become not a choice one makes but a travel option one is stuck with. MTA needs to think of the *passenger experience* and buy buses than enhance riding, not make it more miserable(muniserable).

    • Can I just say how much I loathe Clipper? I mean sure, it’s great when it works. Fantastic even, because I hate carrying cash.

      But their website is basically impossible to use. Even logging in is a mess. For example, when you get your password wrong, you don’t see an error! I mean, how hard would that have been to get right? Instead of you have to click on Login again to see the error. Well geez, *thanks.*

      Then there’s the problem of updating your payment information, which is lost behind a couple links. Once you find it, the message it gives you is borderline nonsensical. It effectively says that the card you’re typing in will not be used, which is the opposite of what actually happens. Do they speak English?

      And finally, whether you do it online or in person, there’s the billing issue. It simply does NOT take 3 days to process a credit card payment no matter WHAT they tell you. They’re doing something very wrong in their system. If I pay now, I expect to get what I pay for NOW. No waiting, no bullshit excuses.

      The most frustrating thing is they “tested” this system for what, 10 years? And it’s still buggy and riddled with problems. What a waste of tax money.

  • Wondering what everyone thinks of SFMTA’s new rule allowing passengers to take folding bikes on board Muni.

  • Anyone else have people pretending to tap their Clipper cards and making odd fake beeping noises when they do it? I swear I hear/see this at least once or twice a commute.

  • JC

    I’m wondering whether I should miss the fact that most of our commutes are no longer nearly as social. Headphones have killed the loud talkative bus. This doesn’t happen all of the time, but occasionally when I hear a “morning after” or “what are you up to tonight” conversation occur (loudly) on a ride home – the sort that used to get swallowed up in a talkative bus in the 90s – people react like it’s a library or something.

    • I have a silver lining for you, JC: when I’m on the train and have my headphones on, the music is only really playing about 75% of the time so that I can eavesdrop. But then, last night I actually had to turn UP the music to drown out the bros on Cal Train en route to the game. I was never so thankful to get on a very quiet 47 after the train ride. Seriously.

      • JC

        Pretty sneaky. Maybe you’re right and the headphones drive quality. Fewer conversations but better ones – theory being, hey, no one’s listening.

  • johnny

    I skull love muni… anyone else wish that they would sell a year round pass????

  • Susan

    I’m still bothered by the fact the Clipper people are now charging $2 per month per person to auto load your muni pass… I had to swap to commuter check & go deal with a Walgreens person who was rather confused this month………. How did they plan (and test for 10 years!) a system that they didn’t figure out how to auto load clipper cards? I think the $2 is just a revenue stream…

    • JC

      I agree. It clearly is seen as a revenue stream. However, I fear it could really backfire. If my vendor (Wageworks) is treating all of its customers as it is me, then its default starting next month is to not simply continue to autoload a pass but rather to issue commuter visas unless the user affirmatively opts in to the $2 fee. Because my favorite cable car is still offline, I’m going to experiment with not getting a pass and simply load the monthly pass amount on my card as cash to see whether I’m wasting money every month by purchasing an “A” pass. SFMTA may regret not fighting the imposition of this fee.

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