Open Thread: Can’t Keep Up with the Fail


Seriously, I can’t keep up:

Talk about these fails or anything else you feel like in this open thread.

Open Thread: Love, hate, and etiquette

Photo by (Erica)

The Bold Italic has a post up today about proper behavior on Muni that they say was inspired by Muni Diaries. That means that their post was inspired by you, yes you. Muni Diaries is yours, baby. We just turn the lights on and off.

And now it’s time for another open thread. Have at it. Talk about whatever you want, so long as it’s Muni-related. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Next week’s inauguration of the NX-Judah express bus
Next month’s Fast Pass and cable car fare increases
SFMTA says its cameras cut accidents
Driver training gone horribly awry (via Akit’s Complaint Department)