Open Thread: Love, hate, and etiquette

Photo by (Erica)

The Bold Italic has a post up today about proper behavior on Muni that they say was inspired by Muni Diaries. That means that their post was inspired by you, yes you. Muni Diaries is yours, baby. We just turn the lights on and off.

And now it’s time for another open thread. Have at it. Talk about whatever you want, so long as it’s Muni-related. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Next week’s inauguration of the NX-Judah express bus
Next month’s Fast Pass and cable car fare increases
SFMTA says its cameras cut accidents
Driver training gone horribly awry (via Akit’s Complaint Department)


  • What bus line is the picture by Erica from? Are those seats recently blue? Very interested in this…

  • It’s 21-Hayes, and yes the seats were blue. First time I’ve seen a bus in SF with blue seats, I think it was an older model but I’m not sure.

  • Rachael

    Yep, older buses around here have had blue seats. I’ve been on the 29 a couple of times when I’ve gotten one; I swear they seem a bit more roomy, too.

    I was talking about the old double decker 38s a while ago with someone; I didn’t live in the city when they were around so I only know about them from MD, and couldn’t remember when they were last part of the fleet (if ever- am I imagining things?).

  • fermata

    I am happy to report that I have FINALLY visited the historic streetcar museum. It’s awesome. they even had free snacks the day I was there. I had really wanted a calendar, but they’re sold out so I bought this fabulous streetcar fleet poster and spent a fortune getting it framed. If you haven’t been to the museum, go and pick up a nice souvenir for yourself or a friend.

  • Was anyone else surprised by the news that SFMTA is getting a new control center?

    When I heard this, I was shocked by the word “new” because that means they already have a control center, and that the anarchy that is Muni is somehow planned in real time.

    • I’ve been to the current control center. It’s nice but could stand to be bigger. It was a really interesting tour; I’m working on a writeup to post tomorrow hopefully…

    • Love the idea of orchestrated chaos.

      HERE, a bus will break down.

      HERE, a bus will lose its cables.

      OOH METRO BROKEN! Must find new way to work.

      Choose your own adventure, srsly.

      • “Pick up the homeless guy who smells like urine at the next stop. If anyone asks, tell them you don’t know where you’re going.”
        “Now go for about 6 more blocks, then suddenly announce you’ve been asked to turn around.”
        “What about when I’m back in the tunnel?”
        “We’re going to have you stop for 45 minutes and claim there’s a ‘wiring problem’.”

        • at first, i read your last line as, “there’s a ‘wing problem,'” which, awesome.

          “Tell them your starboard engine is out, and you’re running on full-rudder.”

  • eugenia

    I know I am the last person who should say this, but I am still having WageWorks/Clipper Card angst and confusion. Seriously. WageWorks is loading 8 ride tickets and not the monthly pass on my card. /rant

    • We need to bring back the FastPass. Clipper is impossible to use, and their customer service is so poor it makes AT&T look good by comparison.

      With the FastPass you just buy it and stick it in our wallet. Why did we ditch something so simple for this broken, half-assed mess?

      • Angie

        “They” can’t track all your movements with a paper fastpass. I know more than one person who only pays cash now because the idea of their movements being tracked on public transit greatly concerns them.

  • Rain

    Riding the 49 north on Van Ness today, we encountered a homeless dude whose stink was so obscene that he made a nearby passenger throw up a little bit. Life in the City!

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