Yarnbomb a BART Seat!

Photo: Livermore Patch

Did you celebrate June 11, International Yarn Bombing Day? Yeah, me neither. But our man Ed Casey at @BARTDiaries found an interview with someone named Street Color, who yarn bombed the hell out of a BART seat.

How exactly did this happen? First, Street Color “knit really solidly for a month and hysterically for a week.” Then the ride begins. From the Livermore Patch:

Actually I made it as a slipcover so that I could take it on and off. Originally I planned to sew the piece to the seat but as I knit on and on I started to like that seat cover and I knew that BART would cut it off and throw it away . I wanted to be able to make it into a performance piece and put it on lots of different trains. So I put it on the seat and took pictures and then sat on it and rode to San Francisco.

Read the rest of the interview at Livermore Patch.

By the way, Ed prefers the term “guerilla knitting” to “yarn bombing.”

Now, when will someone declare cross stitch warfare on Muni seats?

Thanks, @knithacker!

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  • moderniste

    I really LUV this!! It totally reminds me of my first car, an orange 1972 BMW 2002 with leatherette seats that got burning hot in the Sacto sun. So I sewed together some old fadey beach towels for seat covers and they looked kinda like this.

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