Write a job description for the next Nat Ford

SFMTA Chief Nat Ford
Photo by Bryan

Now that Muni’s No. 2 in charge has resigned, who do you think should replace the top two positions at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency? Carter Rohan, the deputy executive director, will leave near the end of July and is reportedly walking away with no severance package. Nat Ford, whose departure was announced last week, may be leaving with some sweet walking-away money.

So, if you had to write a job description for the next No.1 and No.2 at SFMTA, what would it be?

Commenter Susan had some ideas:


1- has to ride muni (and pay the $2 fee to get their fastpass loaded on clipper)

2 – has to buy a $100/year parking permit, and pay all their parking tickets

3 – has to take taxis (if they aren’t on strike) 1 time a week – probably when Muni fails – to realize how difficult it is to get a taxi.

“You too shall feel our pain,” right?

What do you think? Write us your job description for the next Nat Ford!


  • Must commit to riding every line inbound and outbound from start to finish at least once a year.

    Must agree to a bonus plan of on-time performance, and a reduction of pay for failing to meet on-time performance goals.

  • david vartanoff

    1. surrender Driver’s License as a condition of emp0loyment.
    2. MTA not to provide ANY chauffered service,

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