Open Thread: Can’t Keep Up with the Fail


Seriously, I can’t keep up:

Talk about these fails or anything else you feel like in this open thread.


  • kwd

    my husband missed a doctor’s appt for his hurt back this morning after waiting more than 40 minutes for a MUNI … he was trying to get a note for work so he wouldn’t get fired for calling in sick. we’ll see what happens now.

  • Zach

    Took bus -> F Market streetcar (and not even a fun one like the boat, natch) -> BART -> light rail. After all that, I finally get on an inbound N Judah at Embarcadero, the doors close, except they didn’t because a door broke again. Cue much fumbling around to find the broken door, trying to reset it, etc… until they finally give up, lock it out, and slap a “not in service” sticker on it. No announcements or explanations at any point of course.

    After the week Muni has been having, I’m thinking the “not in service” sticker should just go on the front door of 1 South Van Ness.

    kwd: I hope your husband’s situation works out and that he can get another appointment soon.

  • It seriously crossed my mind this morning to sue Muni for false advertising and loss of wages. I’m sorry but it does not take *40 minutes* to go from the Inner Sunset to the Embarcadero. How about TWO F-ING HOURS?

    Waited for almost 20 minutes for the N-Judah to come to 12th and Judah. At UCSF, the operator says “hold on, we’re going to hit a car.” Seriously. A big bump and 10 minutes later, the first car goes out of service, and everyone crams into the 2nd car. We’re on our way again, but leave countless others stranded in Cole Valley. We get to Duboce Triange. Stop. Operator says “there’s a disabled car in front of us.” We wait. and wait. and wait. We pour out of the stopped Muni, as do hundreds of others on surrounding Muni cars.

    The throngs head to Church and Market. Get on crammed trolley car, the F-line. Operator yells every 2 minutes to get off the back steps. Lets 20 screaming “hooray we’re on a field trip!” kids on board, who squeeze in between all the adults just. trying. to. get. to. work. Off the trolley since it’s moving slower than molasses. On to some random bus headed to the Embarcadero station that’s behind the trolley. But alas, the bus CAN’T GO AROUND THE TROLLEY. We continue down Market. I stick it out, finally get off at Spear St and just wind up walking the remainder of the way.

    Left my house: 8:30am. Arrived at work: 10:30am.

    So let’s recap: failed Muni x 2. failed trolley. failed bus.



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