Open Thread: What Do You Have To Say About Muni Today?

Annie from Poetic and Chic spotted these kick-ass shoes on the 1BX today. What else did you see on the bus today? Here’s an open thread for you to say whatever’s on your mind.

Muni made you late? Someone smelled like ass? Too many ballet students cramming your morning bus? Whatever you want, have a go!


  • I’m waiting for Nat Ford to leave office tomorrow. I’m still not happy about the golden chute he’s getting, but it’s finally time to get that Newsom puppet out of office.

    Also, Muni gave the contract to dig the Central Subway. Ugh, this is a money waste project. I smell Rose Pak all over it.

  • Kristin

    Does anyone know why the N sometimes forces passengers off at 38th and makes us wait for the next train, and then continues on to La Playa?

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