Hot right now: Muni Simulator Game!

Reader and photographer Bhautik Joshi alerted us on Twitter to a German simulation game where you can be a Muni driver! The promotional clip above from the game maker comes with a grandiose soundtrack that seems more fitting for I Am Legend than driving Muni. At any rate, it sounds totally epic. While watching the promotional clip, I fully expected a herd of zombies to come out and attack the bus and the driver to save us all (always double-tap).

The game lets you simulate driving a bus (or streetcar or cable car) on spotless San Francisco streets. Sitting in the driver’s seat, you can operate your own bus, make your own schedule, “finish exciting missions and find hidden money.” You can also repair buses, make a pit stop for coffee, refuel the bus, and take the bus to a carwash.

The game is available for PC only right now. Our friends at Market Street Railway say that the game even features mysterious catacombs and a storage facility with a Milan tram.

Who knew that people found driving the bus in San Francisco so exciting? Think the game makers will be up for incorporating some of the stories on Muni Diaries into the game? I have a couple of choice stories that come to mind…


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