• Alex

    Formally they’re called trolley poles. MUNI has had problems on /those/ buses with the parts that hook onto the overhead wiring for years now. I think it was SF Weekly that ran an article a few years ago chronicling the number of people seriously injured as a result. Cliffs: it really sucks to get hit in the head by one of those. Mix a defective design with inattentive drives and a complete lack of maintenance, and I’m surprised you don’t see more windows broken by renegade trolley poles.

  • Ha! I just knew when I read Eugenia’s copy here that the first comment would be all, “Those aren’t antennae, they’re blah-di-blah.” Thanks, Alex!

  • I cycled past the incident this morning – the driver was standing in front of the bus taking a photo of it with his phone, presumably to post it on twitter and share it with @munidiaries 😛

  • Salmon Dave

    …actually, we need the poles to TAKE OUT those UGLY Fontana buildings in the background…

  • Chip

    was the driver texting at the time?

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